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The Final Stand


The Final Stand


Editorial Reviews

At the height of WWII, 3,500 young cadets from two Podolsk military schools are sent with their commanding officers to hold up the last line of defense outside of Moscow. This gritty, harrowing film tells the true story of the cadets' heroic stand in October, 1941. Sent to the Ilyinsky line of defense, cadets from the Podolsk infantry and artillery schools fight alongside units from the 43rd Army to hold back the German advance until reinforcements arrive. Hopelessly outnumbered, young men in their teens lay down their lives in a battle lasting almost two weeks to obstruct the far superior Nazi forces advancing towards Moscow. A thoughtful and intriguing war drama, The Final Stand ultimately tells a tale of love, heroism and true camaraderie in the face of tragic hardship.

The Final Stand


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Why Use Direct Native Plants?

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